Wordpress Customization
Internet has become an important segment of our lives and in the same way it has become a platform of recognition for many business around the world. Creating a website of your own to showcase your portfolio is the recent strategy followed for any business growth. As we all are aware of the fact that internet stays the main source to reach customers from anywhere in the world. Apart from graphics, or web designing, Wordpress plays an important role in focusing on details of business manifestoes. Wordpress is also an excellent tool for individual bloggers to design a website of their own. However, customization of wordpress is a technical job which needs some knowledge in installing.
Themes for Wordpress
Selecting the right theme which can best reflect your portfolio is one of the important nuances that have to be strictly followed in customizing wordpress. Review of theme options in terms of configuring the general settings, selection of right content, post, and styling options are the successive procedures in customization. Here at RamaShankar technology, we have a team of experienced professionals who are profoundly trained to customize the right theme for your wordpress.
Customization services
We offer steadfast services for wordpress customization such as
1. Customize template files.
2. Develop themes for all media formats such as mobile, print, and websites.
3. Customize Gravatars.
4. Customize login, read more, data section, and other important areas.
5. Email address protection.
6. Adding fun characters, smilies, asides, date and time, stylish headings, etc.